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Beverly Smeaton – Gold PC Rep

Beverly Smeaton Quote: “Having my own part-time beauty business gives me a purpose and financial freedom. That’s all thanks to Avon.”

Beverly Smeaton has always loved Avon products but didn’t know much about running her own beauty business. Putting that aside, she took the leap of faith and went for it – she hasn’t looked back since.

Working Avon part-time around her PA job means she can afford to have a holiday every year and the odd weekend away as well. Beverly has that financial freedom that she’s always wanted. Suffering from anxiety at times, she pushes herself to leave the house to go out to drop off her Avon brochures. Avon gives Beverly a purpose to go out and meet with her customers who she considers to be her friends now too.

Beverly believes that Avon is suitable for everyone – you work your beauty business around your own lifestyle, whether that is another job or family life.

Q1. What do you love about being a Rep/what’s the best thing?
The best thing is meeting lots of new people – from customers to other Reps and the chance to get my hands on new products before anyone else!

Q2. What would you say to anyone thinking of joining?
Just do it and take that leap. Be prepared to put in the work because consistency is key to any successful business.

Q3. How does Avon work around your job?
It fits in nicely around my job as a People Services Advisor as I don’t have to worry about organising childcare and scheduling time as Avon fits around my lifestyle and schedule. I use one or two of my evenings to do Avon and being part time enables me to spend one day a week going out with my little boy to collect and deliver brochures.

Q4. What’s your fave product?
Soo many to choose from! I love Little Black Dress perfume.

Q5. Top tip to a new Rep?
My top tip is be persistent, don’t give up. It takes time for new customers to trust that you will keep coming back and that you’re reliable. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing just keep going and you’ll succeed.



Leanne Meassures – Leader

Leanne Meassures Quote: “I never miss a school play and if I’m not feeling well I can take a day off. I get to work my beauty business my way.”

Leanne Meassures joined Avon when her son was a baby. Passionate about starting a new hobby alongside raising her son, Leanne also wanted an extra income. Avon started off as a hobby and now she’s working it as her own beauty business, with recently receiving an award for one of the top sales leaders in the country.

Avon has given Leanne the freedom she needs which works perfectly alongside her job as a school dinner lady. She also cares a couple of days a week for her mum. Avon allows Leanne to spend that time with her mum because she can work any time of day.

Leanne is passionate about having goals, and this year she is focused on keeping her team motivated. She also wants to reach Presidents Club and to continue expanding her team.

Q.1 What do you love about being a Rep/what’s the best thing?
I love the freedom I have to do what I want! Running my own business means I have the flexibility to spend time with the kids. I never miss a school play and if I’m not feeling well I can take a day off. I get to work my business my way.

Q2. What would you say to anyone thinking of joining?
Do it now. Don’t hesitate. I wish I had started sooner. I feel like I have wasted time. Dive straight in. Don’t have any fear. Just do it.

Q3. How does Avon work around your job?
It works well with my job as a dinner lady. I spend an hour and half at the school and then I’ll do Avon straight after. I’m hoping to eventually go full time with my Avon business soon.

Q4. What’s your fave product?
I love the mark. Eye brow tattoo pen.

Q5. Top tip to a new Rep?
Start off with small goals and write them all down. Each week make those goals a little bit bigger. Hold yourself accountable. I got chucked in headfirst when I joined, but it was the best thing I could have done. My confidence suddenly grew, and I think that’s because I went straight into sales leadership.



REBECCA VAN HAVERE - ADVANCED SALES LEADER Quote: “Avon replaced my corporate income and I no longer have the worry and stress of my old job. Now I run my own beauty business with such a supportive community by my side.”

Location: Exeter

Age: 36

Avon Rep since: May 2018

Loves: everything beauty and spending time with her family

With 17 years’ experience in sales and a passion for all thing’s beauty, Avon has replaced Rebecca’s corporate income in under 10 months without the stress of her old job. Rebecca has 150 Reps in her network and in September 2018 won the Top Achiever 2018 alongside Brian Reynolds. She has also won the recent Go to Grow further incentive (Cirque Du Solei) and the incentive back in September. Rebecca was also in the Top 10 in 3 different categories at the January National Business conference 2019.

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