There is more than one way to earn with Avon.

If you have a flare for people, or an interest in network marketing, you could join the fab team of Sales Leaders in the Star Reps network.

With an amazing Business Builder Bonus and mentoring support from Em and Jonas, you could be earning much more than you thought.

For each new teamie you bring on board in your first 6 months as a leader you could earn £70 per rep if you help them to sell £250 or more of Avon products

Plus you could be earning a cash bonus each time you promote in Avon for the first time to a new leader title 😱. Depending on your leader title and number of people in your team you’d earn between 4 & 8% commission on your team sales.

The only limit is you! We’d support you every step of the way, with hints, tips and advice on how you can crush it, particular with social media.

Emily is MiB international coordinator and also a part of Frazer Brookes ninja community. Networking is as important as network marketing.

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