Earning with Sales


Introducing the NEW Rep Success Programme. We are super excited to announce the new incentive programme, with the focus being on training, both that you can access from your own representative office and the training provided by your sales leader. There never has been a more exciting time to hop on board. Alongside the Fast Track Leadership programme, Avon is pulling out all the stops to ensure each and every Representative and Sales Leader has the opportunity to Earn, Learn and Succeed. Even more, once your sales start rolling in, you could be part of the best club in town, Presidents Club!

Avon is a whole world of exciting opportunity. Whether you just want to dip your toes in the pond, enjoy some spectacular exclusive offers and share with your friends – or – grab your bathing suit and come for a swim! Earn a little or jump in and fully emerse yourself in the world of network marketing and earn a lot, it’s up to you.

You’ll have the opportunity in our team to share your goals and aspirations and find mutual support, mentorship and cheerleading to help you business grow from strength to strength. Our team has representatives and team leaders from all backgrounds with varying goals, from pocket money to dream making.


You’d have 13 days from date of invoice to pay for your starter kit, by which point you’ll have had time to start collecting in orders and earning £1 for every £4 of sales. That means if you’ve collected £150+ of orders in your first week of business, you’ll have already have earn’t enough to pay for your £30 kit, and have 10 full sized products worth over £90 to show off to your new customers or enjoy yourself. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a house party to us.

You earn from your very first £1 in sales there’s no crazy targets to hit. The more customers you collect, the more orders you get and the more you earn simple! Commission/discount rates range between 15-30%

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