About Us

Star Reps, is led by Em and Jonas Lovgren. They have 3 young girls and absolutely love working for Avon. Both are qualified secondary teachers, by trade, Em in Humanities and bizarrely specialised in Genocide at university, and Jonas specialised in Performing Arts.

Since turning their hand to Avon, mainly as “something to do” they immediately found themselves flung into the centre of rural community life. After living in their area for over two years and knowing very few people in the surrounding villages, they found more than just a few orders waiting outside peoples door steps, but real friendships. The issue now being that their “rounds” as Em calls them, takes ten times longer and their girls get fed copious chocolate biscuits. Jonas found that doing Avon and canvassing started having many health benefits too and after a few campaigns of walking delivering books and collecting them back in, he shed 10kg! As their own personal sales grew, they felt challenged to become Team Leaders to pass on the benefits they found to others.

Em and Jonas pride themselves on their ethics and how they nurture their team, with fun and self confidence building being high on their agenda. They feel that anyone can, with determination and a bit of grit, be super successful with


Avon, whether they left school with nothing, or are currently sitting on pay roll as a consultant with the NHS. There is a space for every character within their team, the people who want a short stop gap to bring in a bit of extra income whilst at college or on maternity to those looking to save for a special event and the “lifers”, those people who are going to come with them to chase dreams and to work at making dreams become a reality.

If you’ve ever felt that taking on one more thing can be too much, Em would just like to pass on this thought. “Avon gives me the ability and flexibility to be all and everything. Avon means to me, being there for my children at the end of the day, being a full time mummy, a full time housewife AND allows me to do a second degree in a subject that inspires me (Theology), all whilst earning an income. How lucky am I that “work” is going round to a friends house or meeting up with new people in cafes and at events. It’s an amazing feeling to work to live, rather than to live to work. Avon truly allows me to put my family first but to also do something that I am so so passionate about, which is empowering others to achieve”

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