March 2019 Star Reps News

With so many favourites this month and ideas on empowering you, I literally don’t know where to start! Whether your looking for a brand new look with our super nudes collections, or, to boost your confidence and household income, we’re here to help you.


We absolutely love the Nudes collection, a beautifully and simply put together range to suit 100% of skin tones, couple together with some of our staple favourites you’ll be stepping out the house on trend, with confidence and looking great.

With the staple favourites, you can’t get much better than the Avon True Flawless Foundation. At just £12 a little goes a long way, apply and blend with fingers, brush, sponge or silicon applicator; this foundation lasts all day, is light to wear and none cakey. We recommend it, the press recommend it, as do our customers time and time again.

Joining news

Why join us? As part of the #revolution of Avon, we’re totally focused on mentoring you. We have people from all levels of society and the community in our team with different personalities and strengthens.

It’s absolutely amazing to be helping an e-trendsetter in one conversation to build their business, to sat drinking a cuppa and dunking a biscuit at a home visit with one of our more traditional canvassing reps. Last month we put all our focus on setting the ethos of relational lead leadership, building relationships with and within our teams. We’re actively promoting collaboration between representatives and working as a team.

We’ve also been busy planning a few social events in areas where we have clusters of reps and we’ve had some promotions too. We’d like to welcome Jodie Roberts and Shirley Webster into the leadership team. They are literally chalk and cheese which is brilliant!

Jodie, is a mum of 2 little cheeky chappies, she’s based in Wrexham and is a true local lass. Jodie has been a rising superstar in our team, with astounding campaign sales. She

shows determination and grit, and will soon tuck you under her wing for an adventure.

Shirley, originally from Manchester, is based in Prestatyn. A super mum of 3 children and usually happy to cluck

over other peoples kids for the afternoon. Shirley was quite timid to say the least when she first joined Avon. She’s found her feet and her voice and is the perfect match for anyone looking for a mentor with a softer approach.

Jonas Lovgren, Emily’s long suffering husband fits Avon around his current full time job. He can’t wait to start running his side of the business full time. Jonas is much more laid back

and isn’t going to get distracted by the latest lipstick (I hope) or handbag on offer. He’s easy going but will spring into action and be the hero of the hour when you need him. He’s reliable, dependable and a fab sounding board if you’ve got lots of other “stuff” going on.

Emily is the team leader for Star Reps, she will teach you to sell how to sell an Avon lipstick to the CEO of Estée Lauder! Emily is a true hustler, with a

soft spot. Emily works at a fast pace and will help push you outside your comfort zone and challenge you, but at the same time still hold your hand when it gets scary.

You’d get to join under which ever mentor YOU choose. Social selling afterall is all about relationships and as a team we recognise just how important a strong relationship with your mentor increases your earning and learning potential.

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